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In 2001 we moved from Evansburg Ab to Spiritwood Saskatchewan. We were drawn here by a desire to run a cow/calf operation on our own land base. Soon after our arrival, we recognized a need for reasonably priced basic cattle supplements, namely salt and mineral. There was no Saltec dealer within a hundred miles, so we approached Ceres Industries out of Saskatoon who gladly gave us a dealership. Although it was tough going in the beginning, with competitive pricing and "if we're home we're open" service, our customer list is steadily growing. We have our mineral custom blended to match the micro minerals that are in the Magnum 120 salt, which has just the right amount of Selenium in it to eliminate the need of injections. When these products are fed free choice, it is the most economical and efficient way of meeting the needs of a cow/calf operation.


In 2009 we aquired the Real Industries dealership for Northern Saskatchewan. This gave us a complete line of reliable yet economical cattle handling equipment as well as bale feeders.

In 2010 we aquired the distribution and dealership for the province of Saskatchewan from Delta Manufacturing out of Newport Arkansas. This  opened up a whole new field for us as we now have accesss to a top quality line of flatdeck, and stock trailers in both bumper pull and gooseneck. Our lot usually has about 20 trailers on it, but if we don't have the one you want, we can usually have it in our yard in about six weeks. As you will see from our website, these are good quality trailers at very reasonable prices.

In 2011 we added  Travalum aluminum stock trailers by Liberty Inc. out of Waterville, Kansas. These are one of the finest aluminum stock trailers on the market in both gooseneck and bumper pull.

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Our main goal is to provide proven, quality products to fellow cattlemen at reasonable prices.

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